Wun Hop Kuen Do History

Wun Hop Kuen Do — “combination fist fighting art style”– was invented by Grandmaster Al Dacascos, and is a branch of Kajukenbo. Developed around 1948, the Kajukenbo system was the first original American mixed martial art form. Both Wun Hop Kuen Do and Kajukenbo utilize approximately 70% Kung-Fu, 20% Karate, and 10% Judo and Jujitsu.

Wun Hop Kuen Do students are taught all the important physical basics of the art: students learn blocks, strikes, kicks, and throws. At DJ’s our training includes all types of street fighting, sport fighting, and multi-man attack. We also study open hand and weaponry forms. However, our emphasis is not just on fighting, but also on the physical, mental, and spiritual growth of our students. Wun Hop Kuen Do’s primary goals are self-appreciation, self-respect, confidence, humility, integrity, honesty, and loyalty. Sifu Doug Jones believes these qualities are not only essential to the martial arts but to our lives as well.

While wikipedia does not have an article about Wun Hop Kuen Do specifically, there are a number of sites with detailed information on the art’s origins as well as other schools and groups around the country. A few, in addition to DJ’s official school site, are listed below.




  1. The information and knowledge that I recieved, while trainning under Sifu Doug Jones in Kajukenbo/ Wun Hop Kuen Do , is unmatched! What his red belts in Kajukenbo/ Wun Hop Kuen Do know in knowledge and skill will put some blackbelts in some styles to shame. Like Sifu Jones told me ” Getting a black belt in our style is like getting a four year degree!”

  2. Hi Doug,

    greetings from germany

    the german web site is whkd.de its new

    sifu joern

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